School Lane will be closed from Wednesday the 1st of May and it will not be possible for parents/carers to use Bury Water Lane until the works are complete.  Please note the following arrangements have been put in place:-

  1. Breheny construction will be providing two Marshalls at these times to manage the buses and traffic which is driving into Bury Water Lane. They will be standing on the footpath outside of our entrance to A Block and the Sixth Form Centre. It is likely that traffic will build up substantially on Cambridge Road during these time periods. It is vital that we therefore limit the traffic as much as possible coming into Bury Water Lane so that staff and buses can access the site.
  2. The buses will drive into Bury Water Lane and drop off pupils in the morning, just past the crossing, on the opposite side to the bus stop. They will then drive down the bottom of Bury Water Lane and turn round at the end of this road before driving back down Bury Water Lane to access Cambridge Road.
  3. Any buses which drop pupils off on Cambridge Road will continue to do so. In order to reduce the amount of buses during these times, Stephenson’s will be combining the 417 and 419 into one bus route.
  4. When picking up, buses will again drive into Bury Water Lane and wait for the Marshall’s signal to go. They will then drive past the Academy, turn in the same place at the bottom of Bury Water Lane before picking up the pupils in the afternoon.



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