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Welcome to Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport. A proud member of Anglian Learning. Our Academy has a rich heritage of history and traditions and was originally set up in 1588 by Dame Joyce Frankland.

Founded with the vision of the ‘love I bear learning’, we recognise Joyce Frankland’s original purpose, that our school should be a place where all of us take pleasure in learning both now and in the future. We strive to ensure our curriculum is as broad as possible, providing our young people with as many opportunities as possible. Whether that be to join one of our many sports teams and represent the school, participate in our annual school theatre production or learn a new musical instrument, we want to support our students to find the inspiration to succeed. We also recognise Dame Frankland’s wider vision, ensuring that every member of the community is given opportunities to explore through learning, fulfil their potential and flourish in their futures.

Since 1588, the school has been a single-sex grammar, a mixed gender grammar, mixed gender comprehensive and, finally, in 2012, a single-trust academy. In January 2020, the Academy joined Anglian Learning trust, based in South Cambridgeshire, which is currently made up of a family of 15 schools across the region.

At Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, we believe that the qualities expressed by ‘The 4 I’s’, are essential to establishing engaged, successful and thoughtful young people with high expectations for all:

Independence – The ability to be self-reliant, self-confident, resilient and show initiative.
Imagination – The ability to be creative and inventive.
Inquisitiveness – The desire to be curious and interested.
Insight – The ability to look beyond the obvious and treat others with empathy, humility and understanding.

We care greatly about our students. We want them to feel happy, safe and confident in our community, enjoy and be actively involved in learning and strive to do their best at everything they do.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website and it provides you with an insight into the positive, vibrant culture that we strive to establish every day.

Duncan Roberts

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