The Academy, and Anglian Learning Trust, believe in providing a broad, balanced and text-rich curriculum: one which embraces our core beliefs of Explore, Fulfil, Flourish and which provides the deep knowledge and understanding needed to allow all students to develop into independent, inquisitive, imaginative and insightful citizens who contribute positively to their communities.

By the end of KS3: Students will have explored and have an appreciation for a wide range of academic disciplines, will have a love of learning and thirst for knowledge. They will be actively engaged in at least one Co-Curricular club, have been on at least one residential or one foreign trip and have had access to a student leadership opportunity such as being a reception monitor.

By the end of KS4: Students will have fulfilled their potential at GCSE whilst being confident working independently of their teacher both in and out of lessons. They will have an inquisitive thirst for knowledge, be able to think creatively (imaginatively) and critically (insightfully) in solving problems. They will have engaged in an activity to give back to the community either in school, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, or outside of school. In addition, they will have made, at least, positive progress from KS2-4, in comparison with the national average, across their best 8 GCSE subjects and will have achieved the academic performance required to go on to their first choice post-16 provider and course(s).

By the end of KS5: Students will be flourishing, in that they will be compassionate, articulate and confident young adults, demonstrating their inquisitiveness, imagination, insightfulness and independence, in and out of lessons. They will speak fondly of their time at the school and want to remain in touch and engaged as part of the alumni association. Students will have made positive progress from KS4-5, in comparison with the national average in all their subjects. They will have the grades needed to go to their first choice university, further training provider, or employer.

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