Homework will be set across all key stages so that it provides appropriate and relevant follow on from classroom learning in a lesson or series of lessons. 

Within this flexible framework, it is

 expected that no homework task should exceed 30 minutes in duration at KS3, 45 minutes at KS4 or 90 minutes at KS5, unless it is a project that extends across several weeks. Consideration should also be given to manageable time-scales for completion.

Typically, at KS3 homework should be set at least once every 5 lessons; at KS4 it is likely that homework is set every 3-4 lessons; at KS5, students should expect homework every lesson.

Staff should be mindful that homework is only to be uploaded to the SIMS platform between the hours of 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

Homework should have a clear purpose and be linked to the learning in lessons and one of the three areas opposite.

Students who do not complete homework to a satisfactory standard should be challenged in the same way as they are regarding unsatisfactory classwork.

In addition to logging tasks onto SIMS, staff should also share and explain tasks with students in class. If staff choose, the Teams platform can also be used as a tool for the setting and completion of homework tasks, but this must still be logged on SIMS.
It is a student’s responsibility to check SIMS daily and to ensure that all tasks are completed to the best of their ability and to the set deadlines.

Students should plan and manage task completion and ensure that they spend the appropriate, allotted time on each task. If they are struggling with a task, students should ask a parent/carer to email the teacher or write a note in the appropriate place in their exercise book.

Staff should not require students to PRINT worksheets at home. Not all of our students have access to printing facilities. Any worksheets that are required to be printed should be provided by staff for students.

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