What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is additional funding provided by the government.  It is designed to help disadvantaged pupils of all abilities perform better, and close the gap between them and their peers. Disadvantaged students are defined as those currently in receipt of free school meals (FSM), or have been entitled to this in the past six years. The school also receives an enhanced premium for Looked After Children (those that have been in care or adopted). The Service Pupil Premium is a smaller fund available to assist the school to provide pastoral care to the children of armed forces personnel.

How much Pupil Premium does the school receive?

The Premium is awarded to the school and calculated per eligible student on the following basis:

  • £310 per Service Personnel child
  • £955 for each pupil registered as eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point in the last 6 years
  • £2,345 per Looked After Child (Pupil Premium Plus)


If you think you are eligible for free school meals but currently do not receive this then you can apply online through Essex County Council Free school meals – Essex County Council

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

Our pupil premium strategy statement details our school’s use of pupil premium (and recovery premium for the 2022 to 2023 academic year) funding to help improve the attainment of our disadvantaged pupils. It outlines our pupil premium strategy, how we intend to spend the funding in this academic year and the effect that last year’s spending of pupil premium had within our school.
Download the ‘Pupil Premium Grant – Strategy’ File before for further information

Tuition Fund Statement

The “16-19 Tuition Fund Statement” explains how the Academy is planning to utilise its 16-19 tuition fund allocation to support students who may have had their learning disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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