Purchasing Uniform:
Uniform is now available from Price Buckland, please click here to order.  Please note that uniform is not available directly from the Academy.

We are all proud of our Academy and student uniform plays a key part in this. If students maintain high personal standards with their uniform, it gives them a sense of belonging to the Academy and helps with personal discipline. All students in Years 7-11 must wear correct Academy uniform which is defined as:

Blazer: Plain navy with the Academy logo.

Jumper: Plain navy V neck with the Academy logo.

Shirt: Plain white to be worn tucked in. Both short and long sleeve shirts are permitted.

Kilt: In the Academy tartan and to sit just above the knee.

Trousers: Plain black or charcoal grey, tailored fit. Skinny fit styles and black denim must not be worn.

Tie: Knotted closely to the shirt collar, covering the top button and worn at reasonable length. Each House has its own colour tie.

Shoes: Plain black, smart, leather or leather-look. Black trainers or ‘Converse’ style are not permitted. Heels should be no higher than 4cm. Plain black ankle boots are now permitted.

Belt: Only plain, black belts are accepted.

Socks/Tights: Trousers: dark socks. Kilts: black or white ankle socks. Black tights of minimum 40 denier.

Outerwear: Dark coloured coats and scarves may be worn during cold weather but must be removed upon entering the Academy buildings. Hoodies must not be worn under blazers.

Jewellery: Students are only allowed a watch and small earrings. These must be either small stud earrings or very small hoops. Facial and body piercings are not allowed, this includes tongue piercings and clear plastic facial jewellery.

Cosmetics: Only subtle, natural looking make-up is permitted. Coloured nail varnish and extensions are not allowed. Make-up wipes and varnish remover will be provided where necessary

Hairstyles: Extreme hairstyles and unnatural hair colours are not permitted. No students may have their hair cut shorter than a barbers’ number 2.

Governors’ Grants: If your daughter/son is entitled to free school meals you may be eligible for a uniform grant, assistance with educational visits and music tuition. Parents who qualify may request free uniform twice in the student’s Academy career. If you believe you may qualify for a grant please contact the finance department by emailing accounts@joycefrankland.org

Newport Parents Association (NPA) Pre Loved Uniform shop:  The Newport Parents Association (NPA) sell reasonably priced preloved uniform to help to raise funds for the enrichment of the school and to co-ordinate activities for school parents, families and the local community.   Pop up shops regularly take place in school.  If you would like to get involved with the NPA please contact Kerinda Trigg, Chair of the NPA Kerinda.trigg@people365.global  


PE Uniform

Required items

Navy and yellow school polo shirt

Navy and yellow rugby shorts or games skort with school logo Reversible rugby shirt (boys)

House colour games socks

Footwear appropriate to the sport – football boots or trainers

Optional Items

Navy and yellow PE sweatshirt with school logo Navy tracksuit bottoms with logo

Navy quarter zip tracksuit top with logo

School team socks yellow with school initials (for team players)

Gum Shields

It is now compulsory for all children to wear a gum shield when playing hockey and rugby. These can be obtained from local sports shops. If your child already has a gum shield, please check that it does still fit as they may require a new one to be fitted. If your daughter/son has a brace, we strongly recommend that they get specific mouth protection; please check with your orthodontist for advice.


Subject teachers will issue students with all necessary exercise books and text books, however, parents/carers should make sure that students have the following equipment as a minimum. Please check periodically that they still have this equipment.

  • Black, green and red pens, pencil, highlighter, rubber and ruler
  • Coloured pencils (felt tip pens are not suitable in many subjects)
  • Pocket English dictionary
  • Oxford Learner’s or Collins Easy Learning Dictionary for each language studied
  • Scientific calculator
  • Maths set: compass, set square, protractor


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