At the heart of our community, is our Sixth Form.

Learning in the Sixth Form is based on small groups working together with excellent teachers who possess excellent knowledge and passion for their subjects.

We are an inclusive Sixth Form, and a great source of pride for us, is the impact our students make in the world beyond our four walls. Whilst the majority of our students go on to study at many of the best UK Universities, including Oxbridge, others secure apprenticeships or exciting employment opportunities. Our role is to prepare every student for their journey. Students’ future aspirations matter to us.

Teaching and Learning is central to the Sixth form experience and lessons are of the highest calibre; the collaboration and relationships between teachers and students is exemplary. Students thrive because they work with teachers who know how to motivate, challenge and inspire. Class sizes are regularly below fifteen and, though we are a growing community, we are committed to ensuring that we continue to provide a bespoke experience, dedicated to individual student needs. All our Sixth Formers sign up to our Sixth Form Charter which clearly identifies expectations for both students and staff and which underpins our learning relationships.

Underpinning our highly successful approach to teaching and learning are our promises to our students:

  • Opportunities for you: You will be given opportunities to develop the insight, imagination and character you will need to achieve your goals.
  • Personalised learning for you: your learning will be designed with your individual needs in mind.
  • Delivering success for you: you can trust our strong track record in securing places at leading universities; giving you the platform to flourish.

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