Sixth Form Dress Code:

Sixth Form students should dress smartly and appropriately for a working day ‘in the office’. It is important that Sixth Form students should be sensitive to our school community and set a good example to our younger students. Our standards of dress are an important part of the culture in this Sixth Form. The aim is for our Sixth Formers to have a smart appearance, which also allows a degree of personal choice. However, your school is a workplace and your appearance should reflect this.
In cases where there is uncertainty, decisions will be at the discretion of Mr Langley, the Director of Sixth Form, Mr Brooker,  Mrs Baxter and other members of the Academy Leadership Team.
Fridays are dress down days where students can wear casual clothes.

General Dress Code for Sixth Form:

Smart trousers or chinos, skirt or dress of a modest length – no ripped jeans, jeggings, leggings or tracksuit bottoms.
Blouse, shirt or smart top – tops that expose the abdomen are unacceptable as are strapless, backless or baggy tops with logos.
Shoes should be safe and appropriate for the environment.
Clothing that features large logos, slogans, images or badges that may be deemed offensive are unacceptable.
Most jewellery is considered acceptable; however, students may be required to remove items if they are deemed likely to be hazardous.
Hoodies may be worn as outer wear, but hoods must be worn down.
If a student is dressed inappropriately, they will be asked to go home and change.

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