Explore, fulfil and flourish

Founded with the vision of the ‘love I bear learning’, we recognise Joyce Frankland’s original purpose, that our school should be a place where all of us take pleasure in learning both now and in the future. We also recognise her wider vision, that students and colleagues would be ‘good members of the Common Wealth’ with good manners, ensuring that every member of the community is given opportunities to fulfil their potential and the confidence to flourish in their futures.

Our Values

At Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, we believe that the qualities expressed by ‘The 4 I’s’, are essential to establishing engaged, successful and thoughtful young people with high expectations for all:

· Independence – The ability to be self-reliant, self-confident, resilient and show initiative.
· Imagination – The ability to be creative and inventive.
· Inquisitiveness – The desire to be curious and interested.
· Insight – The ability to look beyond the obvious and treat others with empathy, humility and understanding.

Our Curriculum:

What we teach and how we teach is integral to integrating our ‘4 I’s’ culture and is inspired by our over-arching vision.

We are committed to establishing a culture of exploration where evaluation processes enable us to gain knowledge of current strengths, as well as highlighting areas for further development and reviewing our curriculum offer and the choice that we provide.

We are committed to reviewing and evaluating our practice enabling us to monitor the quality of support, training and continued professional learning to staff so that each member of our community can fulfil their potential.

We are committed to developing strategies and structures that support staff to develop their skills and knowledge, in order to constantly improve teaching and provide high quality learning experiences.

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