Student leadership

Developing student’s leadership skills and characteristics is an important part of the education we provide here at Joyce Frankland Academy. This starts early with all students in Year 8 acting as a buddy to a new Year 7 pupil. This provides an opportunity for all pupils to develop an understanding of our culture and ethos.

Many subject areas offer the chance for students to take on leadership roles within their subject areas and any student, in any year, can be elected to the student council to voice the views of their peer group on a variety of issues.

In Year 11 junior prefects are appointed and they have a particular role in supporting younger year groups at assemblies and house competitions as well as providing excellent role models for the whole community.

Our Senior Prefect team is made up of two Heads of House for each of the six houses (click here for more information), as well as a Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. The Heads of House are responsible for promoting and energising the house system within the student body. They coordinate and organise house competitions as well as providing support to younger students in their house. The Deputy Head Boy and Girl chair the student council and report regularly to the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors. The Head Boy and Girl provide leadership to all our Senior Prefects and organise events such as the incredibly successful charities week in the Spring Term.

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