At KS4 students follow highly ambitious and aspirational themed topics over three years. Their learning is implemented by exploring, experimenting and developing skills in a variety of media, and produces a wide variety of outcomes. Our curriculum links subject specific content to practicing artists & designers, providing historical and cultural understanding and how this impacts their development as a interior textiles designer or as a costume/fashion designer.

Yr 9

Costume Design & Millinery Project (Hats). Topic Link with Art ‘Sweets & Cakes’ – Textiles Project ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’.

Cultural Understanding of theatre & costume design – where are the influences that dictate the costume design in ‘Alice In Wonderland?’

Advanced observational drawing skills using ‘sweets and cakes’

Embellishment and sampling techniques alongside designing products for the theatre/costume industry.

Creating a theatrical product for the set of ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’.

Yr 10

Interior Design Project – Gustav Klimt Influence.

Artist reference, biography & interior designers research.

Mood boarding, sampling and designing considering high technical embellishment aspects reflecting on the highly decorative works of Gustav Klimt.

Creating own innovative design concepts using artist and designers for initial reference to create own final piece.

Yr 10/11

Sustained Project – Historic Origins

Comprehensive research looking at the history of fashion; mens, womens, children & accessories. Topics to research would also be ; Art movements, youth culture and the politics that dictated fashions during each era.

Artist & designer references, mood boarding and sampling.

Design, make and embellish  an innovative piece of clothing that is inspired by historic influences.

Yr 11 – September

Refine portfolio – Gustav Klimt & sustained Project.

Year 11 – October

Mock Exam – Focus preparation, knowledge and understanding for external exam brief

Exam Board:  Edexcel

Externally Set Exam: Thematic project set by the board

Wider Impact

The curriculum allows students to be expressive, promoting healthy minds by working with traditional and new media, developing confidence, competence, imagination and creativity.

Regular trips to centres of cultural importance, understanding context from a range of historical artists, including those from different cultures, beliefs and traditions.

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