Hi, my name is Albie. I started at Joyce Frankland Academy at the beginning of September 2019 and have made lots of new friends.

The lessons have been amazing and the teachers are very helpful. My favourite lessons are English, Maths and PE.

I’ve never played rugby before, but I’m enjoying training after school on a Monday. The year 7’s are also attending a national football tournament and I’ve been given the responsibility of Captain.

If you are worried about your children being at senior school like my mum was, don’t be as it’s so friendly and I feel like I could go to a teacher at any time and talk about anything.

A. Barns 2019

I started Joyce Frankland Academy at the beginning of September 2019. When I joined the school I knew no one because I had recently moved from Australia.

When I came to school I felt sick and worried and nervous. I thought I would have no friends but now I have so many friends and I feel like I have been here for ages.

I met some people in my new tutor group on my first day and they are still my friends now. I recommend Joyce Frankland Academy to all of you as it is the most welcoming and warming school.

R. Williams 2019

When I first started at Joyce Frankland Academy in September I thought that at first I was going to constantly be getting lost. Luckily, my mum, my sister, who is a few years above me at the Academy, and my teachers were there to support me throughout my first day.

I only knew two other people from my old primary school that were going to the same school as me. However, unexpectedly on my first day I made so many new friends in my form Banstead and in Thompson form. Now when I look back to July I have no idea why I had any worries at all.

The canteen’s food is amazing especially the chocolate cookies!

L. Martin 2019

When I first started at Joyce Frankland Academy I was really nervous and scared of getting lost, but I did not need to worry because my friends knew where to go and people helped me.

There are lots of clubs for us to join at school and I have joined the netball club where I have made new friends. Science and German are my favourite lessons because they are really interesting and fun to learn.

When I was in primary school I looked around lots of different secondary schools and Joyce Frankland Academy was the one that stood out to me and I am proud to be a student here.

Z. Reddy 2019

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