Welcome - Our traditions and values

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and find out about Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport. We believe that our Academy is at an extremely exciting point in its development and we warmly invite you to arrange a visit to see us in action.

Founded with the vision of the ‘love I bear learning’, we realise Dame Joyce Frankland’s original purpose, set in 1588, through our values. We also recognise her wider vision, that students and staff would be ‘good members of the Common Wealth’ ensuring that all members of the community flourish.

We believe that the qualities expressed by ‘The 4 I’s’, are essential to establish life long learning and success. These are:

• Independence – The ability to be self-reliant, self-confident, resilient and show initiative.

• Imagination – The ability to be creative and inventive.

• Inquisitiveness – The desire to be curious and interested.

• Insight – The ability to look beyond the obvious and treat others with empathy and understanding.

In our lessons and our extensive co-curricular opportunities, we aim to foster a culture of exploration where students are inspired and challenged to search for deeper understanding to achieve excellence in all aspects of their school experience, and as a result, fulfil their potential and flourish in their futures.

We also recognise that to achieve our goals we must nurture a community where cooperation, support and high standards are modelled by every member of the Academy. Our pastoral structure is designed to ensure that every single pupil is provided with the tools and opportunities they need to become successful members of society.

I sincerely hope that our website provides you with the information that you need and inspires you to find out more about us.

D. Roberts (BA Hons) – Principal

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