Course Overview

To build on the skills developed at KS3 to become critical thinkers and to gain an in depth understanding of the modules covered at GCSE. Students will use breadth and depth studies to develop an appreciation of the different approaches to studying history and will become independent and analytical learners. We aim to develop a lifelong love of learning about the past through a range of different teaching methods.

Paper One
Crime and Punishment Through Time
C.1000-present day
Historic Environment study – Jack The Ripper and Whitechapel
Paper Two
Early Elizabethan England 1558-1588
The American West c.1835-c1895
Paper Three
Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918- 1939

Students consider issues such as colonisation, democracy and dictatorship and society’s role in affecting legislation. Students study the impact of events on different sections of society throughout the time periods studied and are able to consider why attitudes towards issues such as law and order have changed through time. A number of transferable skills are embedded in the course, such as researching, editing, preparing presentations, producing reports and selecting evidence for particular tasks.

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