Course Overview

To transition students from KS3 to KS4 by developing independent thinking and investigative skills which allow study beyond GCSE. The students are provided with opportunities to link processes throughout the course allowing them to develop a series of transferable skills.

Cell biology and processes
Digestive system and enzymes
Circulatory system and respiration
Nervous and endocrine systems
Plant systems and bioenergetics in plants
Infection and response
Genetics and reproduction
Variation and evolution
Communities, feeding and recycling
Atomic structure
The period table
Ionic, covalent and metallic bonding
Quantitative chemistry
Chemical reactions
The rate and extent of chemical change
Organic chemistry
Chemical analysis
Chemistry of the atmosphere
Using resources
Matter and atomic structure
Waves and Electromagnetism

Wider Impact:
There is a focus on how humans impact the world in which we live, from assessing our Carbon footprint to evaluating modern techniques and uses of cloning. Scientific discoveries are shared through storytelling and the quality of their findings are evaluated. Careers in science are discussed as topics are covered and regular sessions are given from external specialists.

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