Course Overview

Learners gain a good understanding about the world of business. The business curriculum should enable students to develop as commercially minded and enterprising individuals who think critically, drawing on business information and evidence to develop arguments and make justified decisions. The knowledge acquired in the subject should motivate and challenge students. It provides the platform to prepare them to make informed decisions about further study and career pathways.

Exam Board: AQA
Business in the Real World
• Purpose and nature of business
• Business ownership
• Business planning
External Influences on business
• Technology
• Ethical and environmental consideration
• Economic consideration
Human Resources
• Organisational structures
• Recruitment & Selection
• Motivation & Training
• Production process
• The role of Procurement
• The concept of Quality
• Market Segmentation
• Market Research
• Marketing Mix
• Sources of Finance
• CashFlow
• Financial terms & Calculation
• Interpreting Financial Statements

Wider Impact
The business curriculum encourages students to understand that businesses operate in a globalised context. As such cultural diversity exists within markets and that companies do have to be accepting of this in order for them to achieve national and international success. Corporate social responsibilities, legislation focusing on labour labours, consumer protection and environmental concerns will allow students to appreciate and accept the degree of diversity and social trends that exist. Businesses need to be tolerant of these changes when considering strategic and functional objectives. Students are exposed to ethical business practices and are allowed to analyse and evaluate these practices on different stakeholder groups.

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