Course Overview

Students will enjoy a rich and fulfilling curriculum which will increasingly allow them to be
insightful, inquisitive and imaginative about the physical and human world around them and how they
interact to impact on our lives. The curriculum is designed to encourage students to develop a sense
of awe and wonder about the world, to encourage students to want to explore and investigate it. The
curriculum also aims to encourage students to be increasingly aware of our impact on the world and
how we can minimise the negatives of this, to develop a sense of collective responsibility for the world
around us.



Year 7

– Space, Place and Location
– Physical world

– Human world
– Urban settlement
– Tectonics

Year 8

– Development
– Weather
– Geopolitics
– Climate and biomes
– Interconnected world
– Our oceans
– Kenya and china comparison
– Geography of disease

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