Course Overview

To provide a smooth transition from KS2 to KS3. Students will follow a chronological path, developing their knowledge of key turning points and considering change and continuity across time. Skills of analysis and enquiry are embedded to promote an inquisitive and analytical approach to learning. We aim to promote a love of learning about the events which have shaped the world in which we live today.

Key Stage 3 Topics:
Introduction to history
The American West
Medieval Realms c1066-c1500
The Tudors
The Stuarts and The Civil War Era
The Industrial Revolution
Empire and The Slave Trade
World War One
The impact of social change

Suffragettes and Conscientious
World War Two
Aspects of local history are embedded
within the units where appropriate

Wider Impact: Contribution to Cultural Capital/British Values and Wider
The units taught within the KS3 curriculum promote the achievements of individuals and groups from across a wide spectrum of society. Students are encouraged to carefully consider a range of viewpoints throughout their studies and are empowered with a range of skills to understand contextual implications. The study of changing views over time provides opportunities for discussion on British values and the factors which influence these. Students are encouraged to articulate their arguments with the use of supporting evidence.

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