Course Overview

Students develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for a solid foundation in Art. They are provided with opportunities to reflect on their own work and the work of others, & experience a plethora of artistic opportunities ranging from drawing and painting through to collage, sculpture and other 3D forms. We strive to equip all our young artists with the tools to access the next level of education in Art, regardless of ability, by tailoring the curriculum to ensure art is an inclusive subject.


Basic Skills:
Drawing primarily, exploring the formal
elements: Line, Tone, Shape, Form, Texture
and composition.
Colour Theory:
Produce colour wheels, experiments with
tints, tones and shades of colour.
Picasso Portraits:
Drawing and Painting. Direct observation
through to abstract design within portraiture.
Critical Analysis – Picasso and Cubism
African Mask:
Drawing, Painting, 3D design and
Construction. Producing own masks
developed from an understanding of African
tribal art and the links to Picasso and Cubism

Drawing, Mixed media, Print making, collage and Painting processes; exploring the formal elements: Line, Tone, Shape, Form, Texture and composition
Drawing, Mixed Media & Collage.
Direct observation through to simplified and abstract outcomes within the theme of figure and, or natural forms.
Artist Reference – Matisse and the links to
Egyptian Art:
Drawing, Painting and Ceramics. Producing clay work which connects to cultural artefact and utilizes symbolic iconography.

The two year curriculum allows students to be expressive, promoting healthy minds by working with traditional and new media, developing confidence, competence, imagination and creativity. Each year group explores cultural based projects, understanding context from a range of historical artists, including those from different cultures, examining the beliefs and traditions which inform artefacts and artworks from around the world.


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